Medical Services

Medical Services

Are you without have a family doctor? Don’t have a regular medical clinic you use?

Gateway of Hope through partnership with Fraser Health Authority has available a nurse practitioner (NP). Mika (NP) is able to assist patients with medical issues, medication monitoring, referrals to specialists, lab and diagnostic investigation, chronic disease management, immunization, pap tests, contraceptive care, and other health teaching and promotion.

To access this service you must not have a family doctor or have a medical clinic that you use ongoing.

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr.’s Tyler and Sleigh have been providing their unique, Naturopathic, healthcare to the guests of Gateway of Hope since 2013.

They believe that combining traditional healing methods like plant medicines, vitamin supplements, and lifestyle changes, with conventional therapies like prescription drugs, gives their patients the best of both disciplines. Their hands-on approach and combined 55+ years of practice affords them special insight, especially when prayerfully guided by “the Great Physician”, our Creator. The remarkable healing power embodied in all humans, exemplifies the forgiving, renewing, restorative power of God in us. A little encouragement and heart-felt care do as much healing as any medicine. We see that regularly at the Gateway of Hope, and the team there create a special and wonderful healing environment to work in. We get a blessing just walking in the door. Let the healing begin!

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